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Is Employee Burnout Hurting Employee Retention?

A survey shows that 95 percent of employers experience costly employee turnover because of burnout. We examine.

Hackers Can Break Into Office Routers: Is Yours Safe?

Using strong passwords is the best way to keep your internet-enabled devices secure. Learn more about strong passwords.

Update On The Proposed Overtime Regulations Under The New DOL Secretary

In late 2016, a federal court enjoined the DOL's proposed overtime regulations just a few days before the long-anticipated changes were to occur. What is the status now?
Preparing "The Talk" For Dress Code Violators This Summer

Leslie Zieren

It's hot, and that means more dress code violations. Managers should be prepared to have a conversation that does not create risk when trying to enforce the policy. Leslie Zieren explains. Read more...


Digital Realty Trust v. Somers: Supreme Court To Review Dodd-Frank Retaliation Question

Kirstin Heffner

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether internal whistleblowers are protected from retaliation. Kirstin Heffner examines how the decision may affect employers. Read more...


Workplace Injury Or Golf Injury? You Make The Call


Your employee hurts his shoulder off the job, but still plays golf. He claims certain work tasks are making his shoulder feel worse. Is this a workers' compensation matter? You make the call and join the conversation. Read more...