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Post-Hire Background Checks: The Numbers And The Risk

A new survey shows that very few employers perform post-hire background checks. We examine the numbers, but also the risk post-hire background checks present for employers.

Financial Wellness Programs Are Growing In Popularity: What Are The Risks For Employers?

New study shows financial wellness programs are becoming more prevalent and important to employees. We examine the statistics and the EEO risks for employers.

When Former Employees Access Your System: The Risk For Employers

A former employee, now a rival, pleads guilty to unauthorized access of his former employer's computer system. We provide the facts and some insight on what employers should consider.
Risky Apps: The Other Way Malware Is Distributed To Your Employees


Apps on Google's Play Store are infecting smart devices. We review the risk and what employees can do to prevent infection on their devices and yours. Read more...


Ask Jack: Are My Termination Reasons Good Enough?


An employer asks Jack McCalmon, Esq. if a recent termination for tardiness and attitude creates any problems. Read more...


The ADEA Has A Birthday This Year, But Hold The "Over-The-Hill" Jokes, Please

Kirstin Heffner

Managers and supervisors take note: You must not let age harassment take place on your watch. Learn about the risk. Read more...